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 "Hi Gloria, yesterday I went home after speaking with you and picked how I wanted my angels to contact me. I asked them to make my mouth around my lips to be itchy. I tried and tried telling the angels where and to please contact me so I know that they were there. Anyway, nothing happened and had a very busy day and forgot to go back to it. Well I was just sitting here contemplating the direction of my life and thinking many different ideas and didn’t my lips/mouth start to itch. I think you said to try to remember what your last thought was but unfortunately I cannot remember. Thank you for teaching me this, I will keep it up and start listening more. If you have any other next steps to pass along I would love to hear about it. Be Well, Stay Happy!”  Wendy M, Happy Being Me & Wendy Speaks Up

Greetings Glorious Gloria:)
Have a private thought I have decided to share with those who have the need to hear words of confirmation. I have had several tugs of confirmation from my angels which I have ignored in the past, perhaps for fear. Lately I have had a confirmation that I could not ignore, SO Obvious! I have asked my angels to tickle my feet when they wanted to alert my attention. My feet are not ticklish, or so I thought! For the first time in 52 years I have experienced my foot became very ticklish... OH this is my Angels Alert sign! Now what to remember? What was I just thinking? Yes, I recall that I was thinking of changing my mailing address. I had been renting a mail box in a nearby town for the past two years rather than the one I live in for the convenience of proximity. This not only caused a sense of disconnection, mail was often misdirected leaving me feeling the same way. I believe this Angels Alert message gave me confirmation and a gentle nudge to change my mailing address to the actual town I live in...instantly I felt a sense of belonging in my community, a sense of who I am! So grateful to have this personal Angel connection! Another observation has been the daily words of gratitude I share with my angels. I continuously express my gratitude by saying THANK YOU every time I experience something that brings me joy. My Angels portrait displays the word WELCOME. Wow! I now realize that my words are instantly being heard!

Without realizing it, you have been very instrumental in offering helpful direction, Gloria. Your gift to inspire others does not expect any returns, no ego is involved, only pure light and love. I consider myself blessed for the opportunity of meeting you and realizing how powerful our angels guidance can be. Feeling most grateful and blessed, Ginette”. (An Expert Feng Shui Practitioner)


"My meditation this morning brought in the sweet essence of my angels and the fragrance of roses. A couple weeks back when I had Gloria, The Angel Messenger, on my radio show she shared how to make a connection or set up a link to your Angels and what came to me was roses. This morning my room was filled with the divine smell of roses for quite a long time. LOVE was coursing throughout my whole body....absolutely perfect this morning as I am reminded that I am always supported and divinely guided." Jennifer Bailey Free To BE Love Radio 


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