Healing Hands Meditation

Received as a gift to MYSELF and my nieces to assist them through the grief of losing their Mom (My Sister) then guided to share with YOU 

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BEFORE or AFTER Doing Meditation...

Spend Time Just Viewing & Let YOUR Eyes SEE Energy Shifting As You DO So...

 Channelled Healing Hands Portrait





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What People Are Saying About This Meditation:

I had the opportunity to do this guided meditation  by Gloria. This meditation helps you lift the stress out of the body and the different organs which hold our stress and eventually can cause sickness. We do this by visualizing our hands removing the stress that hold various feelings and emotions that affect our body. I especially like how we work inside and outside of the body mixing the wonderful energy. Throughout the meditation I saw various bright colors depending on the organ I was healing. Doing this meditation brought me to a state of peace and calmness and I felt energized. 

Reverend Louise Michaud of Message from Spirits & Author of A Daughter's Journey

Before the mediation even started I was mesmerized by the channelled drawing that seemed to be oozing energy as well as brightening in different areas as if to accentuate things I needed to focus on each moment. Then when it was time to go to the stressball I had removed from my solar phlexus earlier it had disappeared. I LOVE how this meditation takes me within and outside my body and finishes by mixing these energies to leave me feeling whole & complete.

Carolyn Shannon of Women of Worth Magazine (Affectionately Known as The WOW Gals) & BEEniagara  

I did your meditation again yesterday & it was so powerful!!! I always bring in the reiki when I meditate & this time the reiki energy coming from my hands was so enhanced, it was just a magnified electric pulse emerging from my hands, like nothing I had ever experienced before in all the years I have been doing my reiki.  A profound WOW moment for sure!!! Thank you Gloria & the Angels of the Light!!!

Lyla of Heaven Sent Messages

NOW Available as Audio Only Download for times when you just want to listen!

Healing Hands Audio Meditation by Gloria Messenger.mp3

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