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 The Rhythmn of Angel Wings©...

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A Collection of … Angel Stories, Photos & Drawings Contributed by Gloria & Many Angel Friends

Readers of this new book can enjoy the touching personal stories shared of many ANGEL encounters and actual visits. 

The colourful Angel photos and artwork seemingly jump off the pages!
Large display style (9”x 9”) colour copy printing, it is sure to be a keepsake for all the visual and written inspiration it holds.

  What People Are Saying About The Rhythmn of Angel Wings...


“Illuminating and insightful book!” “This is a collection of stories and drawings that will cement your belief in Angels  or at the very least encourage you to delve deeper.” 

Terry McCallum, Acclaimed Realty Broker

"Beautiful to View, Hold & Enjoy all these stories and "heartworks" about Angel Encounters. LOVE IT!!! It is Truly AMAZING!!! Thank you Gloria for this compilation of insight plus!!!"

 Carolyn Shannon, The WOW Gals Magazine, BEEniagara


Awareness of the Angelic Guidance offered to You in life is EMPOWERING!
Your Angels are Continuously Reaching out to You!
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